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  • Packaging and Crating Service
  • Shock Mounted Containers
  • Air and Sea Van Containerizing
  • Hazardous Material Packing
  • On-Site Packing and Crating
  • Foam in Place Packaging
  • Wood
  • Corrugated
  • Plastic
  • IPPC/ISPM Certified


Pneumatic nail and stapling guns are used to fabricate various shipping crates. Depending on the thickness of materials used, fasteners range in size from ¼ inch staples up to 5 inch nails. Various hinges, hasps and twist fasteners locks are used in building reusable "show" containers.

The large volume manufacturing section builds skids and crates utilizing production line methods. At time, conveyor lines are used to help dictate production rates. These methods generate a large volume of products with reduce production costs.

  • Fed Pack International Manufacture
  • Fed Pack International ManufactureFed Pack International Manufacture